finding our marbles.

This is soooo much better than losing your marbles.

Isn’t it interesting that your children can have certain toys that stay cooped up in their play area forEVER, and then all of a sudden…they can’t get enough? I suppose that’s why the brilliant child development people advise us parents to “rotate their toys.”

Perhaps I’ll finally remember to do that when I have grandchildren.

Marbles and sunspots are helly cool.

0715 play-001 0715 play-002


My boys change their clothes about one bajillion times per day. Why is this?

And they accessorize.



Today, I didn’t ask any questions. Some days it’s best not to.

Instead, I jumped out of my skin every time their contraptions fell over and they fell into puddles of laughter. Yay me.

0715 play-005 0715 play-006 0715 play-007


But if there’s anything that I learned from their time at Montessori school…it was the art of distraction.

Hello, hot chocolate.

0715 play-009 0715 play-008 0715 play-011 0715 play-012 0715 play-010 0715 play-013 0715 play-015 0715 play-014 0715 play-018 0715 play-017 0715 play-016


And then, POOF.

They were gone.

0715 play-020


Works every time. :)