flag day.

Our old neighborhood was built on the concept of front porch living. It has curb appeal like crazy, and every house has insane amounts of charm. My favorite drives through the neighborhood are around the holidays since a good amount of people decorate their porches so beautifully. In fact, they have an Illumination Night coming up in August during which porches and yards are decorated with paper lanterns and lights; it’s one of the loveliest nights of the year.

Aside from holidays, one sight that always tugs at my heart is seeing the American flag waving proudly from the front of a home. It kind of chokes me up, and I have no idea why. Maybe it’s the feeling of home, or safety, or patriotism. It seems so rooted to me, so proud and homey. It makes me think of running barefoot through sprinklers on a hot summer day or picnicking with your family. I wonder a lot about our ancestors and history, and what all of those people who fought so bravely for rights and humanity and freedom would think about our culture now. Sometimes that makes me so proud, sometimes it makes me sad. Another little secret about me: I get so choked up during 4th of July celebrations and fight the tears when sappy patriotic country songs come on. Bah. It kills me.

So today was our own little flag day on the farm. Hank knows how much I’ve wanted a flag flying from our front porch. The simple act of him giving me a flag as a little housewarming gift was so touching, and in fact, he one-upped it and included a Colorado flag as well, being sure to tell me that the American flag always is on the left of the Colorado flag when you face your house, and that we need to be sure to bring the American flag in each night very carefully and respectfully. Hank’s father is a retired Army Colonel and graduate of West Point, so you can be sure that Hank was taught an immense amount of respect for our flag and is passing that along to the boys and me.

07-22 house-005


He even “sprung” for the Made in USA flags v. ones made overseas. It makes no sense to us that we would fly an American flag made in another country.


There’s nothing like holding a flag with a mess of guns piled up in the background. Hunting, anyone?

07-22 house-008 07-22 house-010


We have to install a second flag holder for our Colorado flag, so for now, this beauty is waving proudly and solo on the front porch of the farm.

Letting freedom ring, baby.