Yesterday afternoon, I spent about ten-hundred hours looking for flippers. Finally found them.

These are not shown at actual size. If they were that size, I might have found them in 10 seconds. But at the size that they are, they can get stuck vertically in the carpet upstairs and be camouflaged for months. And then only the Dyson can find them.

In a matter of moments, Holden has graduated to the itty bitty, tiny, wee, pierce-the-bottom-of-your-foot Legos. I had forgotten how cool they are.

Hank found Nick’s old container of them and we dumped them out on the dining room table to build some stuff.

Luckily, Ewan isn’t interested in eating them so far, so sometimes they migrate to the floor without panic but then go to live under the couch with the dust bunnies.

And sometimes, you find other treasures mixed in, like a random bead.

I have to admit, even though I kept looking at the gigantoid and growing piles of laundry over Holden’s shoulder, it was pretty neat letting him lead for the day. Unfortunately, that meant that Hank, after a full day of work, tended to all of that laundry last night while I put the boys to bed (I’m so sorry. But thank you, babe). I hate those guilty feelings. And I hate not doing it all and being that Supermom that every mom I know tries to be, some pretend to be, and some are and I can’t figure out how they do it. Cloning device, maybe?

I think my kids got the cloning device instead. The two of them sometimes seem like 50.

I read this great blog yesterday by yoga teacher Elsie Escobar that rang so, so, so true. Her call to action:

Let it go from your head and drop in your heart.

And after reading her blog I was reminded again of that question we always ask ourselves, “What will my children remember?” I want them to remember that I played with them, not that I was the one always saying, “Just a minute…” (boy do I have that phrase down).

More yeses. More “that other stuff can wait its turn.” More outside. More on-the-floor time. More let’s-read-that-book-27-times-right-now.

But…my secret wish? Less stepping on those minion Legos time. Yowie.