I have used Flock, the web browser in the past – it is every thing a browser should be these days, standards comliant, allows tabbed browsing, etc. It’s niche is full-featured integration into many of the hot “Web 2.0” social networking sites like Flickr, MySpace, and Youtube. What I like about it is the WordPress integration. Right from the Flock web browser, I can update this blog! It’s cool. It even takes things one step further by allowing you to easily blog photos, videos, and other blog posts from across the web. So, check it out…(it even installs on Ubuntu).

Blogs are cool to me right now – it’s a way for the blogger to express themselves to the world by talking (typing) to themselves. It seems to me a fairly honest way to share without the fear of human-to-human mis-communication. For the blog reade ar, it offers insight that might not normally be viewed.

In this “blogs are cool phase” i decided to try and update this blog while i was grocery shopping yesterday (i openly admit to being a geek) – so while standing in a rather long line waiting for lunch meat, I made the attempt over the Treo – cumbersome doesn’t come close…

As I wait on the edge of my seat for the release of the Blackberry Curve (to replace the Treo – I said I was a geek) – I hope that it blogs  better, but let’s face it – updating a blog without a computer isn’t really an every-day occurance (it’s just not something that NEEDS to be done).  Some of the other features are worth having too i imagine (like push email).  I am optimistic that it will be available in about a week stay tuned.

So the last part of the title… Music – I don’t have much to say, but the blusey riffs that John Mayer is capable of cranking out really make me smile right now – that’s all i’ve got, it’s a feeling, not something that can be written down…listen for yourself.

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