florida dreamin’.

Hank and I are dreamers. It’s what gave us the gumption to move to Colorado all those years ago. It’s how we started our businesses. It’ s what brought us our babies. It’s how we got to our homestead experiment.

Next, it will take us to Florida. 

No, I don’t mean a move. I mean to vacation and snorkel and relax

So Hank bought the boys their first snorkel gear.

And as far as the way new things are approached, we have two very different children.

We have one who muscles his way through most things first, until he finds the sweet spot and his own, unique rhythm…

And one who becomes one with his task with some weird, innate understanding.

Both of them go all in with everything they’ve got, just in different ways.

So we prepare them. We prepare them with practice, patience, and “just enough rope to hang themselves,” as Hank always says. ;)

But I suppose that’s what life has been all about for Hank and me anyway. As we hone in on our upcoming vacation time, I sure hope that Florida is ready for Pantier style, ’cause we’re probably gonna rent a boat, too.

Ready, fire, aim.