The name “Fran” can mean different things to different folks. Your Aunt Fran. Grandma Fran. Distant Cousin Fran. Regardless, she just sounds gloriously like someone who would either pinch your cheeks or make yummy cookies.

But not this Fran.

This Fran does not pinch or bake. She just kicks your booty. And I shall introduce her properly, but in another moment or two.

Hank and his good-yet-psychotically-twisted-shares-a-brain-with-Hank buddy, Scott, have decided to have a monthly CrossFit competition. At first, this friendly meetup would result in the loser having some sort of humiliation brought upon him, like wearing a pretty pink sequined halter top while playing softball in our very small town. (Scott, this still needs to happen, and um, maybe I should photo-document? yes?)

Now, these turdbuckets have an admirable goal: The loser must donate a certain amount of money to the winner’s choice of charitable organization(s). Awesome.

And now, Fran.

Fran is a CrossFit WOD that consists of three rounds for time of the following: 21-15-9 reps of 95# barbell thrusters and pull-ups. Here’s a more complete explanation.

And this is what the guys look like in action.

hank and fran.jpg

And Superstar Scott, who always manages to look, well, like he’s cheering for himself. Or swishy. You decide.

scott is a STAR.jpg

But the best part, the VERY BEST PART, is how they look afterward.

hank loves fran.jpg

are you alive.jpg

Oh I hurt. Whew. I hurt in the tummy from laughing.

And…the winner is…Scott!! Hank had to donate to Ali’s (Scott’s wife) Fight Gone Bad fundraiser. Worthy, worthy cause.

Job well done, my brothas.