It’s too cold to think. Too cold to be creative. Too cold to remember that my 5YO had a basketball practice/scrimmage tonight. I barely opened the door a couple times today and my toes almost fell off. Every time I looked at the thermometer I had to drink some more coffee or hot chocolate. Even my fireplace DVD was no help.

Good grief.

It’s not too cold, however, to make my February Resolutions, however. Wait. I already said “however,” didn’t I?

Brain’s frozen.

Let’s see. I wanted to try something different…what was that…”finger tapping temple”…OH YES! Categories (inspired by a post from That was it. I love that her focus is much, much more than just herself. This is important.

And, as it’s a month of love, that’s the first stop. Or start. As in, give proofs of love (that one’s stolen straight from The Happiness Project). It’s also a huge birthday month in our family, and I want there to be a real celebration of people. Not a shower of money or stuff or anything silly like that, but a celebration of the person. These will be the days that they were given to the world and how awesome is that? Kapeche? Kapeesh? How would one spell “capeashe?!?!”

Organization. Clean.Out.Desk. This past month, I cleaned out kids’ closets and reorganized them, and I gutted my own. I felt like I had conquered something, until…Hank asked me where some paperwork was and I had to spend two hours going through everything in my desk, looking for it. So, hate spending time on that, but I know it will be an amazing victory.

Start, and finish, a looming project: our master bathroom. It’s tiny and awkward, but I think I’ve found my new paint color and the theme can’t be far behind. The challenge? Complete it, top to bottom, for $200. I’ll post pics, with an itemized tally, so you can check me. I’m nervous.

For my children? Read at least one book with each of them, every day. (Psst. Nick? This will require a designated phone call time. Ha ha. Just kidding.) And for the Goldfish? Let him read to me. I need to rephrase that. Let him read to me. Let HIM read to me. Ok, horse beaten.

For my marriage? Date. Not just the token date for the big romantic obligation day this month. Like, date him. Even if busy schedules only allow one date for the whole month, do it right. Listen, giggle, brush hands under the table, dance in the kitchen, bat my eyelashes…DATE.

Al right. Intentions set. Let’s git-r-done. (Sorry. The Terror’s been watching “Cars” lately. Or, “Cahs.”)