We are a Sanuk family. And Sanuk, in Thai, means fun. Our Holden is now the newest member of the fam with happy, happy feet.

Here are some other ways we’ve had fun this weekend:

1. Ewan’s mantra is “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!” right now. This particular picture demonstrates how, if you’re running from the shade with your eyes wide open and dart into full sun, you can still yell while blind. Sorry. Vision challenged. Oh whatever. He was blinded by the sun. Just go with it, people.

2. Holden’s mantra is, and will always be, go big or go home. Here he is at the very tip-top of the play structure, and yes, he has spied the swings.

He’s learning to pump. YAY for that – truly! Pumping has been a hard rhythm to learn (and YAY for my first time in forever spelling the word “rhythm” and not being chided by spellcheck! Oh woops. “Spell check” is evidently two words, not compound. Huh.).

He’s learning to pump by watching this kid.

3. Speaking of “that” kid, his mantra took him to throwing rocks into the creek. He kinda took it to a whole new level.

He looks Italian in this picture. That’s it. We are now officially the Pantierizonis.

And then he and his buddy showed off their CrossFit strength.

Oh. Dear. They share a brain.


The other kiddos had a blast, too. However, Ewan’s Lodar kept going off. (Translation: every time Logan comes within three feet of Ewan, Ewan starts a protest of some sort. We’re quite sure they’ll be best friends in a few years. But right now, they’re crap to each other. It’s kinda funny. Until it’s not. And then we send them to bed. And laugh behind their backs, like all good parents do.)

The Mischevous Logan, I think, might enjoy this Ewan torture. I’m not sure, though.

But Ewan always perks up. This time, he perked up and started scaring everyone with a loud, “BOO!”

And here are a few more of Ewan’s rock throwing extravaganza. I would love to show more of Holden, but he would not be bothered with the camera-wielding momma. Sadness.

There’s oh so much more adventuring that happened today, but this post is very long. More soon!