There are some things that you just simply have to experience. Like a comic book convention, with its saber wars and vampires and Klingons; a speedway race, with its mullets and daisy dukes and too-close-talkers; a web slinger convention, with its nerdspeak and guffaws about the rest of us who’ll never speak binary; and most definitely this: the Great American Beer Festival.

From pretty much start to finish, here’s our evening.

The check in.


Hank was evidently in a no-papparazzi kind of mood. Turdbucket.

20110929 0929 GABF 2

20110929 0929 GABF 4

Yeah. You kind of have to walk around in awe for a few minutes.

20110929 0929 GABF 6

The arrival of Angry Jay.

20110929 0929 GABF 7

And the arrival of the Hopheads.

20110929 0929 GABF 10

Actual hops, at the Homebrewers’ Booth.

20110929 0929 GABF 13

And if you happen to have forgotten to make your own pretzel necklace for sustenance during the tastings,

20110929 0929 GABF 48

20110929 0929 GABF 53

The pretzel booth will throw packets at you until you catch them.

20110929 0929 GABF 14

Then there are the “costumes”. The beer pjs, erm, doing the booty pose for random people…

20110929 0929 GABF 15

I actually don’t know what this one is…

20110929 0929 GABF 25

Kilts and such…

20110929 0929 GABF 30

And Jason sends a big “cheers” to the lone ranger.


My all-time favorite brewery, New Glarus, had a brew team who proudly served up my all-time favorite beer-that-doesn’t-taste-like-beer: Raspberry Tart.

20110929 0929 GABF 18

20110929 0929 GABF 20

Raspberry Tart makes everyone happy.

20110929 0929 GABF 27

20110929 0929 GABF 31

Hmmm. Suicide bangs make me look like I don’t have eyebrows in pictures… Interesting.

20110929 0929 GABF 44

And then Hank found this shirt.

20110929 0929 GABF 39

He says he’s just gonna go put it on every time he gets mad at me and just walk around showing me the back of it.

He’ll probably wear the thing out in about two weeks… Ha.

More dress-up time with grapevines maybe? Hops leaves? Not sure, but they’re owning it, which I love.

20110929 0929 GABF 16

And more Angry Jay…

20110929 0929 GABF 24

Along with his fancy belt buckle, the Angry Bovine.

20110929 0929 GABF 28

Not sure what SammyTheGuy thinks about that…

20110929 0929 GABF 52

We found one of the coolest booths there via Anchor Brewing. And the brewmeister stopped us cold, grabbed his heart, and freaked us out for a minute because we thought he was having a heart attack.

But he just needed a drink of his own.



Dude full on freaked us out. Oh I already said that.

20110929 0929 GABF 61

But then something was super funny. Nerd humor, I think.

20110929 0929 GABF 63

20110929 0929 GABF 64

20110929 0929 GABF 65

20110929 0929 GABF 67

I think these are my favorite pictures of our people.

20110929 0929 GABF 68

Ooooh. And then we found my second favorite brewery, Dogfish Head. I had a very yogic beer: Namaste.

20110929 0929 GABF 50

Well, hello Namaste and friends.


20110929 0929 GABF 47

A couple of years ago, Dogfish had an ancient beer tour which was my favorite thing that they’ve ever done. This year, my favorite DF beer was Red & White, a white ale fermented with pinot noir. So delish.

Oh, btw, this is guybling, the only way guys accessorize sans pretzel necklaces, I suppose. The pic on the right? Who knew that there was a whole movement entitled, “Women Enjoying Beer”? Huh.


A bunch of Waldos.

20110929 0929 GABF 71


Next installment? The silent disco. I could only whittle down funny pictures to a number around 85 – much too long for one post.

And seriously? You do NOT want to miss that post. It’s pee-your-pants funny.