Geeks who drink.

I’m committing a major blogging faux pas today by posting three posts. My apologies, but these are all timely. Well, the first one today was about to NOT be timely anymore, and the last two are very timely, what with yesterday being Donut-Ride-Friday and today Geeks-Who-Drink-Saturday.

And also? It might be assumed that we are pretty heavy drinkers. We’re really not. I like taking pictures of silly things, like homebrewing escapades, our two big parties we have each year (4th of July & Halloween, YEP! ONE’S COMING UP!!), and now, Geeks Who Drink, because honestly, this is one of the funnest things that we do.

Every Saturday night there’s a trivia night at The Cheeky Monk, an excellent restaurant/pub/whatever specializing in Belgian brew. To preface, these are beverages to be savored, not slammed. There are tastings and pairings. There are limited brews and rare finds. There are intricacies, bouquets, flavors left on the palate, etc., and you will not understand this if you’re looking to spend an evening here like you would at The Rio slamming back ‘ritas. Yes, I’m a beer snob. And this is one of the bartenders.

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 12

You will be scolded if you ask for a Budweiser, so don’t even consider it.

This is Trevor, the funniest, most sarcastic, skinniest geek I know.

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 18

He is our trivia master, point doler-outer, and fellow nerd in the most fantastic way. And since we’ve been participating in Geeks Who Drink trivia night, we’ve only lost one night, and that was our first night during which we did not understand how to use our Joker points.

Our team name has been lots of things, ranging from Something Spanish to Master Mulchers (that was after a long hard work-in-the-yard day with friends).

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 24

We have top notch geeks on our team.

A web geek, an SEO geek, a couple of programming geeks, an applied maths geek, a music geek, an all around random-trivia geek, a college instructor/English geek, a religions geek, and then me, the regulator-of-the-funkiness geek (some of our geeks are described twice there, there’s just so much good geekiness I had to expound).

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 26

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 19

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 41

One of my most favorite things about The Cheeky Monk is that the beer you choose will have a specific glass, in and because of which it can release and decant and breathe and do whatever it needs to do in order for you to experience it fully.


20110611 Laura Droy K1008 14

Beers 2

So…if you’re around on a Saturday night around 9:00 and in our area, come challenge us. Besides, whether or not you get the win, your pic still goes up on their weblog.

20110611 Laura Droy K1008 42