I haven’t felt felt this geeky since I went to a comic book convention in 1996 with a bunch of graphic artists (thank you, Doug Miller) who knew where the light saber war room was and could explain all of the nuances of Japanime’ (which, by the way, should never be explained to anyone under the age of say, 35). Oh, and I also met Todd McFarlane (of the comic book, Spawn, and yes he signed my Spawn comic book, thank you), saw the official Spawn car, and learned that anyone walking around with their arms crossed in front of his/her chest was really a vampire and I couldn’t see that person. Because of his/her invisibility.

This was clearly before Harry Potter and the Twilight series taught us better.

And also, I may have just included too much information about 1996.

So what’s the current geekfest love of my life? Why, WordPress WordCamp Boulder 2010, of course.

I rubbed elbows with intellectuals who got SEO jokes that I did not. And what the heck is Reddit, anyway? That one received a lot of snickers as well.

But I did get my geek badge.

But I was not as cool as Hank, since I thought you had to put dot com after everything.

And I was not as cool as Hank in more than one way, because while he was the only geek I knew, he was was there to unite with other geeks. Geeks are pretty cool. I wonder if they like being called geeks? And they don’t even have a secret handshake. I can even do THAT handshake. Maybe they spoke in code. HAHAHAHA. See? If you are a geek, you totally just got that joke.

And while Adam (middle, right) was calm and cool, the one to his right was already biting his nails in anticipation. Hank and that one got into a debate over something about URLs and migrating something and, oh I won’t even try to explain because I’ve already forgotten. But I do remember leaning over to whisper in Hank’s ear that I thought that was kind of sexy that he nearly threw down that guy with his WordPress knowledge. It made the other guy all twitchy afterward.

And then my husband took me to lunch, complete with our geek badges and I-get-$10-off-lunch-on-Pearl-Street-because-I’m-here-with-the-geekfest cards.

And on the way, I saw one of my favorite peeps. The I’m-back-and-I’m-sober rasta guy that folds himself into a box. If you live here, you know him. I also think he travels to San Fran and other spots, so you might know him if you don’t live here, too.

But after that furiously fast lunch, we ran back to the Boulder Theater for more. We were five minutes late back and I’m sure we missed something spectacular about usability testing that I would have forgotten anyway, but Hank was in Heaven. And I was in Heaven watching him.

And you know what else? There was a geek who tweeted that there sure were a lot of women at this year’s WordCamp. Not sure if that was in alarm or if he was frighteningly in awe of us. The mommy bloggers are uniting, man.

Yep, who needs a minivan when you’ve got a MacBook and a cool WordPress theme?