We’re actually doing it. We, the moms of the Playgroup Version 1.0, have actually sort of resurrected Playgroup for Generation 2.0.

This group was such a saving grace for the 6yo and me when we were absorbed into in four years ago. I had just stopped working full-time as a counselor and wondered how I could be more involved as a good mama and more involved in my neighborhood and community. But mostly, more involved with family.

20111128 1128 Playgroup 4

It’s taught me so much about having a great group of other mamas around me. To watch how we each interact with our children, how we discipline, what we see and don’t see (both intentional), and sharing those sweet passages and milestones and tips and tricks along the way. The ways we’ve whispered to each other our downfalls and worries and fears, only to come away from those heart-baring times with a renewed sense of, “I am doing this right” and “I’m so not the only one who has felt this.”

That there was fully unexpected when I met these moms and their children. I was under the impression that we would all be forever referees in the sometimes maddening game of teaching our children how to play together, how to fight appropriately, and how to communicate with each other respectively, all without neglecting their spirits of individuality.

It has been such a blessing.

And as we dipped our toes into the waters of Generation 2.0, there were, as expected, some tears shed over sharing or not sharing, taking, not using words, going straight to pushes and then to the naughty bench. (I’m mostly speaking about my own hellfiredamnation of a 2yo.)


There was also goofy stuff.

20111128 1128 Playgroup 6

20111128 1128 Playgroup 7

20111128 1128 Playgroup 11


Gotta love the goofy stuff.

20111128 1128 Playgroup 12

20111128 1128 Playgroup 13

I guess as long as you’re wearing the appropriate head protection, you can handle anything that Playgroup Generation 2.0 can throw your way.

I think I’ll sport the Transformer mask next week, along with an arsenal of coffee. With those two things, I’m pretty sure I could take ’em all.