Get down witcha funky self.

We partook in a little shindig tonight at The Fish’s school. We were packed in like fellow fish, sardines in fact, and this was the first thing that went down.

The Rev spied a friend.

20111117 PENblog 1

The friend had a really big candy cane thing.

20111117 PENblog 2

He wanted it. Badly.

20111117 PENblog 3

And then somehow he tucked it under his arm inconspicuously.

20111117 PENblog 4

Yeah. That was sneaky.

Heavens to Betsy.

And then I army crawled my way up to the front of this madness…

20111117 1117 PEN 7

To see him. Oh man. I’ve seen that look before. He is out. As in, not interested, no way, no how. As in, I am in Hell and please someone for the love of God get me outta here.

20111117 PENblog 5


Dude had me going.

They turned on the tunes, Funky Town as a matter of fact, and then this happened.

20111117 PENblog 6

The boy was in hard.

20111117 PENblog 7

20111117 PENblog 8

Not as much, perhaps, as the jumping bean in front of him, but The Fish has got some serious moves.

20111117 PENblog 920111117 PENblog 1020111117 PENblog 1120111117 PENblog 1220111117 PENblog 13

Get down witcha bad self.

20111117 PENblog 17

Seriously almost peed my pants.


Oh wait. I don’t wanna leave anything out.


Total shocker…

Best. Night. Ever.

20111117 PENblog 22