Getting the crazies out. {children session}

Oh my word. I met these two little families, cousins they were, at a beautiful trailhead, and they shot out of their cars faster than fast. Moms were patting down hair and slipping on clean shirts like well oiled machines. I learned a few tricks about smoothing down flyaway hair that I tucked away for future reference, and then ran ahead of those little troopers through the grass to snap a few shots as they followed me.

20110612 Welty 3

20110612 Welty 2

About 50 feet into our adventure, things went south I tell you. We were attacked so ruthlessly by mosquitos that we all fled, swatting the air around us like maniacs, straight back to our cars for Plan B. None of us had ever seen so many mosquitos. Swear.

After cracking up in my car like a crazy woman, I led them caravan style to the next spot on our list and boy-oh, we were in for a treat. Sunshine spilled in and out trees, water held tiny turtles and fish and birds, and hidden trails opened up for lots of skipping and dancing.

So worth the exodus from Mosquitoville.

And so worth the time spent with these precious little souls. They’re preparing for a mighty journey, this family. If you’re the praying kind, please add them to your list. Pray for strength, healing, health, and comfort.

Now back to the crazies.


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What they love |  Harry Potter, loud singing, crazy dancing, yoga, maniacal laughing, silly face making

Ages |  4-8

Home |  Colorado

New found treat that they discovered they liked super duper a lot |  Rainier cherries (you’re welcome)

20110626 Welty 38

Don’t forget the praying part. Ok?