Giggling 101.

It’s amazing how simple it is, this giggling thing.

If you’re having a hard time getting the giggling started, might I suggest opening a bag of balloons to jump start things?

The happy face ones are pretty darn good.

And also, if you’ll leave the balloon untied, please, because then little fingers can let it go.

The noises are always a cause for giggling. Swear.

And then there’s the search and rescue for the deflated balloon, just to start all over.

I love that beautiful face. I mean honestly. Who has eyelashes like that, anyway?

Oh the effort here.

The no-hands approach might need some refining. Just sayin’. But it will put some pink in your cheeks, all the same.

He’s getting pretty good at filling up his own, even including the tying part.

Which makes the beat down of little brother that much sweeter.

P.S. No boys were grounded as a result of the making of today’s post.