Gigi. {portrait session}

Gigi and I met about a year ago, during a yoga intensive in Boulder where she was volunteering as an invaluable resource on acupuncture (she owns Jade Turtle Well-Spa in Louisville, Colorado). As soon as we were introduced, I liked her. She’s not only extremely caring, knowledgable, and just plain cool, she’s an avid outdoorswoman tearing up the Colorado landscape and beyond.

Gigi FB

She has one of those infectious laughs that makes you want to giggle along right with her.

20110323 gigishoot 35

20110323 gigishoot 10

And we met in one of my favorite evening spots. It’s breathtaking here.

20110323 gigishoot 12

20110323 gigishoot 21

She seemed to fit right in with the whole “breathtaking” thing, yes?

Gigi bw


20110323 gigishoot 38 2

You’re beautiful, Gigi. Just beams right out from the inside.