Here we go, Giveo.

These awesome folks are part of Hank’s new and improved world, the world of cause-basedness. And we did a little shoot for them to be able to show their awesome selves on the WWW.

Find out more about them and their amazing work here.

Give and let give, baby.

And I really hope I’m introducing them all correctly. I hear snippets about their amazing talents here and there, so I’ve pieced together what I think makes them fantastic.

We all know this buckaroo. But as a formal introduction, here is the Amazing Web Guy, or Senior Director of Web Development.

20110207 giveoshoot 2

I think we’ll use this picture instead.

Mary Pantier Photography  48 of 1

Or this one.

Mary Pantier Photography  45 of 1

And this is Andrea. She’s a marketing guru, and the official office nut. She can pull off a mean aerial maneuver when she moves from office to office. In boots, even. For real. I experience it firsthand.

Mary Pantier Photography  44 of 1

Here’s Steve. While I’m mostly impressed by his organic gardening skillz, he also does a mean Fear and Loathing act. Dude. Seriously. I think we’re going to hold him hostage in our sad excuse of a garden in a month or so to see if he’s really magically gifted in the green thumb area.

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The lovely Casey. She looks like a rockstar. She is, in fact a rockstar in social media know-it-allness. Something about klout scores and twittering, I think.

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Joe. If you need it done, he can do it. He should probably be nicknamed Jack, for Jack of all Trades. I think he’s the office master of all things needed, from programming to research to you-name-it. Word also has it that he’s quite the political genius, so mind your p’s and q’s people or he’ll find your skeleton in that closet of yours.

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The office canine team. Gwen + Gilbert. Or Jee-bear, as he is affectionately called.


The Emily. Yes, the Emily. VP of Product Strategery. Muy importante.

20110215 dayinboco 42

Oh wait. That wasn’t the one.

This is the one I meant to show.

20110215 dayinboco 54

It’s her favorite thing in the world to get a hug. If you ever come across her, please give her one.

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It’s like a gift from Heaven to have her stand there and receive a hug from you.

Here’s the hugger, Jeff. Yes, I think his title is “Office Hugger.” And something about design. Maybe “Office Hug Designer,” perhaps?

20110215 dayinboco 39

20110215 dayinboco 40

And finally, the head honcho. Ed. Or “Head,” as my toddler called him today. Put him in spandex and give him a bike and he’s outta here. But only after work hours, of course. Or for meetings. Or lunch.


Truly a fun little spot in Boulder, doing good, good works.

Thanks Giveo Guys and Gals. It was a little bright spot for me hanging out with you. You’re kind of awesome.