Goodbye Kindergarten.

1st grader

20110524 Kindergraduation 1

Hello 1st grade.


By the way…erm…before I go any further…these pictures will be blurry and not properly exposed. Ok? Ok. I’m terrible at indoor shots with poor lighting and a 2YO hanging off of my shooting arm. In fact, I’m super surprised I don’t have a lot of pictures of the ceiling. And, I’m terrible at indoor shots with poor… Oh I said that already.

But what was easy to see there? Personality.

Ms d

Oh man. The children of my friends are funny. Check out little girlfriend there in the picture on the left, pink sleeves, hitting the high notes. Whooo-heee they tickle me.

High notes

This particular song, along with some flailing arms, nearly took that guy out. But you’ll notice my boy didn’t miss a note of the song. I don’t even think he noticed that little dude nearly fall off the risers.


And I think there’s a pirate in there. Find him?

Man down

See him now?

Man down

And apparently, if you stick your tongue down to wrangle in your bottom lip, your song is sweeter. Gonna try that.

20110524 Kindergraduation 23

So here’s what I learned. While my boy has graduated from Kindergarten, I have graduated to DorkMom. No longer do my yells across the playground of, “I love you” make him smile. They make him duck. No more do my goofy waves in the cafeteria solicit beams and smiles.


That didn’t last very long.

But I think I’ve found something that does bring eternal satisfaction and pleasure.



And rats but if they weren’t caught red-handed sticking their grubby paws in the cookie platterjars and coming out with like, say, about five cookies per boy. They’re quick.

Oh by the way? Hank didn’t even cry at graduation. Not even a misty eye. He’s a rock, that one. But he was a little busy corralling a certain someone.

20110524 Kindergraduation 7

Good job out there, newbie 1st-graders. And good job to the teachers and mommas and daddies. We’ve got a really good group, yes?