Today was Ewan’s two month checkup. We can’t believe he’s this old already. Deets:

Weight: 12 lb 8 oz (75th %ile)
Height: 23 3/4″ (75th %ile)
Head: 15 1/2″ (40th %ile)

We had a happy little camper at the doctor’s office this morning, right up until he HEARD the doc’s voice. He broke into tears at that point! It was so sad.

His checkup went great; everything is excellent aside from him wanting to look left so very much. The doc referred Ewan to a physical therapist for slight torticollis, so we’ll be starting that soon.

After an oral vaccine, three shots, and lots of tears (almost from Holden and me, too!), I fed Ewan and he went to sleep. Now, two and half hours later, he’s still sleeping soundly in his cozy bundle-me carseat.

The funniest part about today was that as soon as the doc came in, Holden stood up and said VERY seriously, “Doctor, I have something to show you on my hand.” I’ve never hear him sound so grown up. (He has either a small calcium deposit or ganglion cyst on the back of his hand.) I watched the doc totally struggle not to giggle. It was hilarious.

Our other therapy session this week was for Holden. His teachers at school referred him to a speech therapist for help with some of his sounds (like “th” and “r” at the beginning of words, etc.). It was absolutely amazing to watch her work with Holden and engage him in games to show him how to make some of the sounds easier. She suggested just a few sessions with him in the fall and commented several times about how he is such an attentive and fast little learner. Holden really liked her and LOVED the brain games she had lying around. He was truly fascinated (sounds an awful lot like his Daddy).

Other than all of that excitement, we’re having a chilly and rainy day here in our neck of the midwest. Hope you’re all staying warm (or cool – depending!).