grover cleaner.

We’ve been looking for a couple months for a second farm dog. Over the Thanksgiving break, we went to Oklahoma to visit family for the holiday and during that time, Otis, our border collie, went to a dog sitter’s house for a couple days. When we picked him up he looked a little shell-shocked from sharing space with so many dogs, and I began to tease Hank that Otis needed a therapy dog, which led to that search mentioned above.

We enlisted our oldest son and daughter-in-law to help – they live in prime blue heeler country – and they surprised us by picking him up for us a couple weeks ago. We met them in Kansas yesterday for lunch and our Christmas gift exchange, and…

Meet Grover!


He has the best puppy breath and little grunts when you pick him up.


He is the cutest stinkin’ thing. And he’s built like a little brick house. A super wiggly brick house.




He and Otis have hit it off great. Last night, he only needed to go outside once during the night. We’re marveling at how awesome his transition is so far and reminding ourselves how much easier the “second baby” always is. You feel a little more prepared and less spastic about everything.



Including the house training. By now, we’ve spilled enough things and introduced plenty of new scratches to our beautiful wood floors, only a year old now, and I’ve come to better terms with living on a farm and all that goes with it.

Here’s my new Grover Cleaner system.


A little squirt bottle with about 15 drops each of Lavender and Lemon essential oils, topped off with vinegar and distilled water. It’s fine to use on the floor for spot cleaning, the vinegar scent deters Grover from returning to that spot, and the essential oils help mask the scent of vinegar a little as well as cleaning and deodorizing. Win win. (Yes, I’ve mixed brands – I’ve been testing them against each other.)

I follow up with this – my absolute favorite hardwood floor cleaner. I’ve tried TONS, and I’m coming to terms with being a clean freak and embracing it, and I love this stuff hands down way better than Bona. As in, I threw the Bona out (I still LOVE Bona floor polish though – can’t beat that).


Neither method will hurt our new baby dog (or us), which makes me just as happy as I am with how well each cleans up the potty spots on our hardwood floor. I’m keeping both handy on the counter so the boys can use it, too.

And after a good romp and wiggle, we find him tucked under the boot and muddy shoe basket for his third nap of the morning.


Gosh I love babies.