The afternoons have been so grumbly and chatty with thunder lately, but only small little sprays of rain here and there have been our reward. Today, I sit on the patio wrapped in a blanket (there’s the slightest coolness in the air) and listen to the steady rhythmic sound of springs that gives way to the boys bouncing, bouncing, bouncing on the trampoline. They lay back every so often, becoming only still enough to watch the willow tree’s branches tickle the air above them.

Even though the boys have been nipping at each other for the past week, I bet they really miss each other when school starts in a few days. They can sense the change coming and while they’re excited, there’s that antsy thing that goes hand in hand with it. It’s their own kind of grumbly.

The grumbling has been a catalyst for weekday excursions; namely, the beach. :) Who knew that we had these in Colorado? (BTW, even as much as I love where we live, my dream would be to live on a farm perhaps in a spot like Half Moon Bay that overlooks the ocean, with a secluded beach nearby.)

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And to wash off the sand of the day…this is how I found him.

0801 ewan-001-Edit