Guest Blogger.

Today, I have a guest blogger: Holden.

As I realized that I had walked out the door with a bag full of lenses sans camera body and then lamented with great disdain and self-depracating comments like, “oh gosh I’m an IDIOT!” on the car ride to our special adventure today, Holden said, “It’s okay Mom, I brought my camera.”


Thank you, life lesson, and thank you, Holden.

And this is life, through the eyes and words of our boy (with post-processing brought to you under the direction of him, as well).

It was pretty hard to take this picture. I thought he was gonna jump away. I squatted down and got my lens close to him and zoomed out and took a picture.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 4

Mom found this rock. I took a picture of it; it was easy because it was staying still.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 6

I chose this rock because it was gonna be a good rock to practice on. It took a while to figure out which level it should be zoomed in. I like this picture.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 11

This is a cut down tree. I had to find a certain spot  to make it look like this. I zoomed in a little even though I was close. I like this picture because it looks pretty twisty, it looks cool, and it’s a tree.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 12

These next few pictures, I like them all because they’re mostly trees. I wouldn’t do anything different to these pictures; I’d leave them how they were.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 13

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 20

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 23

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 24

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 26

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 27

I had to put my camera straight up to get this picture. I had to do it at a certain time, the sun had to be shining through the clouds to brighten the edges of the clouds. If the sun wasn’t in that spot, I wouldn’t be able to get this picture.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 14

This is kind of a pig-dragon. This one, I had to use my eye to find the shape. The shape was pretty hard to find. I had to form it out.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 19

This is my brother’s arm, I was standing close to him and I zoomed in so far and that’s why his arm is so big.


20110905 0905 Holden Pics 15

This is me. I was walking along and I looked down and I wanted to get a picture of my shadow. It looks like my arms are cut off and you can’t see the top of my head and my hair looks like it’s puffing out and you can see about to my waist.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 21

This picture is the first time I used my flash. It warmed up their skin tone. My brother was hot, and if you look in the right side of Mommy’s glasses, you can see me!

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 25

This is Mommy’s and my brother’s shadow. My brother was being carried by my Mom and that’s why they look connected. This picture was pretty hard because Mom was walking and I was going behind her slower.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 22

This is Mom walking down the trail and my brother’s being carried. I was trying to get the picture of her back. I was about 14′ behind her. I loved this hike.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 28

This is the ride home. I was trying to get a picture of the mountains, but I moved my camera and we were going back home too fast. I got a good picture of it, and you can see the mountains. You can also see the car is a little bit in the picture.

20110905 0905 Holden Pics 34

I was happy of my first time taking pictures. It was fun, the hike was fun, too. I did get exhausted, though. It was very hot.

Thank you for my reading my blog,


20110903 0903 Tickles 11