Gymnastics and how bad I suck at indoor photography.


So…I’m having a really hard time at being ok with sucking at some forms of indoor photography. But you know what? These aren’t done for professional use, and I’m struggling to learn this indoor lighting thing, and gosh darn it, I still love pictures of my silly kids, no matter how awful the color is in these.

And…this is a New Year’s Resolution for me, to admit to myself and out loud that I simply don’t know everything and in particular, I can’t figure out how to take a decent picture under difficult lighting situations. There you have it.

We had fun anyway. We always do. And isn’t that where the blessings are?

There’s really not much better than tossing your small fry into a foam pit and watching him try to clamber out.

20120114 0114 xtreme alt party 1

Or watching his cute little friend, just two weeks his junior, spread her wings and fly.

20120114 0114 xtreme alt party 2

Our little guy needed some coaching and coaxing and ok-maybe-a-little-push-or-two to be free.

20120114 0114 xtreme alt party 7

20120114 0114 xtreme alt party 8

Yeah baby!


And then there’s this one, who needs absolutely no coaxing or coaching, just a safety net and a heart monitor for his mother.

20120114 0114 xtreme alt party 3


So that is all. Welcome to my insecurities wrapped around my fantastic boys. Ha.

Over and out.