Gypsy Soul.

Boy oh boy am I having a tough time letting that gypsy soul of mine free. Why is that? I feel her knocking around in there, see glimpses of her periodically and have my entire life. I’ve also heard this my entire life:

You’re stronger than you think.


You’ve got this. You just need to get after it.

Oh yeah. And this…

You just need more confidence in yourself.


It might be like breaking up an old friendship to let her out. I think I’ve become rather used to keeping her all to myself, tucked away quietly. Seems she doesn’t want to be the little mouse anymore.

We shall see.

Going back to Oklahoma always puts me into a state of introspect and reflection. It’s not necessarily that it’s Oklahoma, it’s because it’s the spot where I grew up, got lost, and then started my “starting over.” The state bears the burden of my association of my state, know what I mean? It’s where I clung to the past, and I don’t live there anymore, in the past. That’s all.

Gypsy soul, one point girl. Yeehaw.

(I will, however, bear the marks of Oklahoma for a while still. Can’t quite seem to get that red clay picked out of the soles of my favorite boots. I seem to be shredding red dirt wherever I walk this morning. Jeez-o-Pete, I’d all but forgotten about that part of being here.)

Want to know how the GS got her second point on the game board? Rockin’ a photography workshop with Shannon Phillips of Imago Vita Photography this weekend, hence the trip to roots-town. It put a big ol’ crack in the shell around her and it’s about time to shake some things up, people. Might I say that it felt good? Sort of like the butterfly-chrysalis thing.

We had a gorgeous shoot on Saturday, right after quite the rain shower and a lot of wondering if it was going to happen. And to bump up my personal challenge a bit, I tried three new things: using my 85mm lens; using one shot/center focus and recomposing (lends the sharpest pictures, I learned); and changing my white balance to cloudy v. auto balance. I love, love, love this shoot.

Here are my favorite shots of the day.





20110917 Imago Vita 8

20110917 Imago Vita 9

And my two absolute favorites. So dreamy. So romantic. Good grief.

20110917 Imago Vita 12

20110917 Imago Vita 11

Now. Usually, at this point of a post I’ll say something clever like, “that is all.” But you know what?

This is, most definitely, NOT all.