Happiness. Baseball. And being six.

I discovered today that I really do like yellow. Each time my boys ask me what my favorite color is, I say, “Yellow, because it makes me happy.” And today was punctuated with a huge ol’ happy when I discovered this shower curtain on a mad dash excursion to spruce up our master bathroom. It is striped in citron, and I am over the moon in love with it.

Which brings me to some news. We are moving. Our five-year-plan whittled down to an 18-month one, which was pared further to “sometime soon” and then shot in ludicrous speed straight to “we’re listing our home in 10 days,” which was done six days ago. And where shall we go? Right here in this town that we adore, just in a different spot of it.

But more on that later.

This evening’s post holds something else that we adore, which is our boy.

20120407 baseball 1

He is in a new league this year, one that uses machine pitch and keeps score. Hallelujah.

20120407 baseball 2

Every now and again I see a jock swagger out of him. My belly does that funny lurching thing as I imagine him at 16 but then quickly revert back to six.

20120407 baseball 3

I like six.

20120407 baseball 4

Six means that you can still bob your head from shoulder to shoulder when you run, for the simple reason of it just feels funny.

20120407 baseball 5

Six is smacking the crap out of the ball and running like a maniac, just praying to get to first base without being hit by the ball.

20120407 baseball 6

20120407 baseball 7

20120407 baseball 8

20120407 baseball 9

20120407 baseball 10

But six does not yet mean that you can steal first.

20120407 baseball 11

There are still the occasional acrobatic leaps and such.

20120407 baseball 13

20120407 baseball 14

I will always love them.

Six is not very far away from four and five, during which seasons held lots of sand digging. There’s still a pretty hefty fascination with the stuff, but now in the form of kicking up dust clouds.

20120407 baseball 16

20120407 baseball 17

20120407 baseball 18

Fielding is more successful at six.

20120407 baseball 20

20120407 baseball 19

And the helmets fit better. Six means you look a little less like Darth Vader and a little more like a baseball player.

20120407 baseball 21

And everyone still says a happy, “Good game.”

20120407 baseball 23

Hank happily reminded me that around age 12 I’ll probably be writing about the wrestling matches that happen when they say, “You suck” instead.