Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad.

~Norm Papernick

20110529 Day 4 OK 10

One of my greatest treasures in this life is watching my kids give in to reckless abandon. The thrill of water, squirting randomly yet with the intent purpose of soaking everything and everyone, yields peals of laughter like little else.


So simple, yet something we take for granted. Clean water in which to play. Whenever we want, for however long we want. And where one boy is so completely enamored,


The other tries to figure out if he’s mad or not that he’s getting wet.


Still not sure, actually.

20110529 Day 4 OK 42

20110529 Day 4 OK 24

My parents have space. Lots of it. Space to be outside without worry, without fences, without much thought to traffic or strangers or much else besides how to use every last bit of that space.

20110529 Day 4 OK 26

20110529 Day 4 OK 28

20110529 Day 4 OK 25

I think they got the hang of it.

20110529 Day 4 OK 21

20110529 Day 4 OK 35

This little one showed them the ropes.

20110529 Day 4 OK 44

This is her domain, her kingdom, and by golly she’ll be the first to tell you that she’s the reigning princess here.

20110529 Day 4 OK 36

But I think someone wanted in on that magical business.

20110529 Day 4 OK 30

My nephew supervised, wisely, at a good clip away from their wide berth of a domain.


It’s pretty awesome to see them run free.

Oh. So happy.