Well my goodness. I just cannot believe that we’ve just celebrated the birthday of our baby. Yes, two days early, but still. Unbelievable.

About two weeks ago, Holden and I sat down and poured through two different cupcake cookbooks and narrowed down what we thought Ewan would like at his birthday party. He chose…pigs. Pigs. PIGS! How hilarious is that?! We thought they looked deceivingly close to boobs, which is a favorite of that little man. But he patted the picture and talked to the pigs, so he got pigs.

Preparation began yesterday:


This is the cupcake batter. I wanted so badly to taste it from my fingers, lick the spatula, or just stick my head in the bowl. But, since it had 5 whole eggs plus 3 egg yolks in there, I’m pretty sure I would have died from salmonella if I had.


This is when I tasted them. Martha Stewart is the pimp of all cupcakes. These are from her cupcake book, and they are divine.


This is the pile of dishes it took just to make those sinful little cakes. Thank God for dishwashers. The automatic kind, not human.


And this is how much butter went into the Sweet Buttercream Meringue Frosting. I’m going to have to greet our guests with their death certificates in hand.


This picture is for my mom. Mom, you gave me my KitchenAid mixer 20 years ago. TWENTY YEARS AGO (what the?!). This is the first time I’ve ever used this attachment. It totally rocks.


That attachment up there made this. This frosting tastes like you’re eating clouds.


And then I had a terrible accident.

Oh jeez. It’s not blood. I accidentally dropped the pink food coloring and nearly made those cute little pigs into awful Arkansas Razorbacks.


These cupcakes turned into a corn-on-the-cob, you know, to complement the pig theme.


These are just stinkin’ cute.


The BBQ platter of pig + corn.


And these are the gifts bags for the kiddos. Homemade smiley face suckers and bubbles are in there. Just some good, clean, sticky fun.


After the cupcakes were finished, there was a slide to assemble and balloons to blow up.


Good morning, sleepy Ewan. Happy Birthday, baby boy.


And he has spied-o the slide-0.


It might take a week or so to figure out how to climb up there, but it’s going to be fun figuring it out.


The meeting between Ewan and Scout.


And then it was love.


Party time! Holden was so excited that he actually picked Ewan up underneath his arms and rushed him into the kitchen so that we could sing “Happy Birthday” and eat cupcakes.


This is just a funny picture. Nice face!


He had been trying to swipe one of these all day. And now he’s laughing at us singing to him! What a little ham. (Ha ha.)


It was worth every moment of waiting.


He didn’t get even super messy, but at one point he did spit the cupcake part out so that he could scoop more frosting into his mouth. That’s my baby.


Oh so yummy. Look closely. You can see frosting squishing out between his little sausage fingers.


I am always amazed by the differences in eating habits between girls and boys. One so dainty, one on attack.


See? Those boys are planning an attack on that poor, unsuspecting cupcake.


Bridget & the lovely Miss Lola. What a little peach.


And…a family portrait. There’s usually someone upside down in our family portraits. Why is that?