Our week started with me (Mary, of course, because real mean drink COFFEE) spilling a cup of chai on the carpet and ended with jelly beans smooshed into the carpet. In between, Oscar ran/tore through the house with muddy paws and then he (and the cat) proceeded to get a little sick in the garage and tracked other yuck-o stuff through on his way out. The good news, hardwood floors will be replacing our first floor carpeted areas first thing in 2010. Until then, the Dyson will be doing overtime and we’re going through the carpet cleaner.

Also in between carpet woes, we had a fantastic week. We had some great sunny weather and some chilly weather, but it was nice enough in there to walk Holden to school. There was also much fun to be had at the park with Holden’s playgroup followed by the Rockies’ home opener (that blog post below), and the week was topped off with a pretty great Saturday scooping Easter eggs out of a field with a bajillion other kids and then coming home to dye our own eggs (first time for Holden).

After getting up Sunday morning and hunting Easter eggs throughout the house (the Easter Bunny got to actually HIDE them this year instead of just spilling them out onto the floor as in years past), Holden spent the rest of the day playing with his eggs in the most imaginative ways. We had no idea that would be so much fun for him. One of his highlights was getting a wind-up chicken in his Easter bucket that poops out bubble gum eggs. Yes, 12-year-old humor is king in this house. (MY highlight, however, was when Holden helped Ewan go through his Easter basket and found some candy at the bottom. When he asked how Ewan was going to eat it, I promptly explained to him that I would have to eat it first and then nurse Ewan. He bought it hook, line, and sinker. HA!)