Happy St. Patty’s Day.

What a happy day!

I whole-heartedly attribute a lot of today’s happiness to social media. For instance, here’s a tweet I read from a mom on her way to work after dropping off her kindergartener:

Overheard at “If I see a leprechaun, I’ll put him in jail.”

Oh, and this one, overheard from another kindergartner:

Kinder QOTD: “I don’t know why I’m wearing my boxing underwear!”

Ok. I know the quote-of-the-day one there might not have anything to do with St. Patty’s Day, but you never know. Trust me. You never know.

And one of my CrossFitter friends at the gym today? She wore kelly green knee socks that said “Lucky” on them. She has the most fabulous socks. Ooh. Mentioning CrossFit reminded me of the hot pic of my husband the guys took yesterday. Check it.


Look at how ripped that back is. Jeez-o-Pete. Yummmmmm-o.

Our goofy children would like to wish you a Happy SPD as well.



As for me? I am in love with this day that encourages everyone to throw to the wind any kind of sense and show up in green tutus, kilts, knee socks, silly hats, and have a sip (or more) of something Irish before noon. I have one friend, John Ochwat, who changed his email name to John O’Chwat in honor of this fine, fine day.

I do love the goofy.

So be green today. Be silly. Go pick some clover. Wear some awesome socks and pair them with an awesomer hat. And yes, of course I know that “awesomer” is not technically a word. However, if I use it enough, and all of you do, too? Well that will be enough for the American Dictionary lexicographers to add it in as a word used in standard language.

Hey. If they can put “supposebly” in there, we can be awesomer and get ours in.

Just sayin’.