Happy you.

It was quiet today here. Very quiet. The little guy went to a farm today (no, not in “our fish went to the farm” way; he just went to a farm to play), and I had a very rare morning to myself. Alone. At home.

It was sorta creepy.

I had been looking forward to this morning and had planned out a list of things that I could do: some deep cleaning; clean out the toy box and donate what the boys have outgrown; put away folded laundry; prep some marketing ideas for next year; journal; watch a grown up movie.

I chose to watch a movie. And I bawled my eyes out, by myself, all alone, because something very unexpected happened in that movie.

Oh I did not like that. But it did give me something to think about, and it’s this. We shouldn’t spend our entire lives ignoring what amazing, wonderful things are right under our noses. It made me think a lot about blowing things out of proportion and losing perspective, and about how very easy that is to do.

I can apply that to lots of spots in my life; in the general, daily stuff and the big stuff, too. Lately, I’ve put this amazing pressure on myself to have a knock-it-outtathepark, amazingly beautiful holiday card to send out. Especially since this year has been pretty phenomenal for my photography business and really learning to stretch myself and take some chances. I’m telling you, serious pressure. I don’t why I do that.

I know I’m not alone in doing that.

In all of that “trying to get the perfect picture” stuff,

20111203 under the bridge 1

I almost missed the perfect pictures.

20111203 under the bridge 2

While trying to kid wrangle and keep them clean, and basically just make them do some stuff that isn’t them anyway,

20111203 under the bridge 4

I almost missed out on catching their relationship.

20111203 under the bridge 6

While it’s awesome to have perfect light and composition, it doesn’t always tell the whole story.

20111203 under the bridge 3

This is what they really wanted to do.

20111203 under the bridge 7

Yes, that’s a li’l bit of crack attack. It happens.

20111203 under the bridge 8

Who cares about the perfect sweater and dry jeans, really?

20111203 under the bridge 9

20111203 under the bridge 10

And also who cares if you just nailed your brother in the head with a mega-snowball because you forgot your mother was watching. And, ahem, documenting.

20111203 under the bridge 12

20111203 under the bridge 11

Oh jeez.

20111203 under the bridge 13

I’ll eat them up I love them so.

20111203 under the bridge 14

Blurry, snowy pictures and all.

20111203 under the bridge 15

I often joke about our baby being the most photographed last-child-of-the-family in the history of the world. But I also know how very lucky I am to have these pictures, these memories of the everyday stuff that we look back at together and remember, well, most everything.

So my very imperfect perfect card may or may not go out this year; I still haven’t decided. But even so, know that we love you all very much, and are very thankful for you and wishing the best for you in the new year. It has been an honor this year to share in your joys and your family love. One of my most favorite things in the world is getting to show people just how very beautiful they are, and I still can’t believe that I get to do that for a job!!

Happy holidays to you, and many, many blessings.