What a sour moment turned sweet.

Last night, as Hank and I finished our dinner (Ewan was finishing, too, as I’ve become quite the multi-tasker), Holden was bouncing around as Holden does but bumped the top of his head pretty hard on the dining room table. Hank and I both looked at each other immediately with that “parent face” that says, “owie – that one’s gonna hurt.”

Sure enough, big tears.

Hank went over to scoop him up, and I walked over with Ewan and asked, you know, loudly over a three-year-old’s wails, “Do you want Ewan to kiss it?” To our surprise came, “Yeeeeeessss.” So I stuck Ewan on Holden’s head and of course he rooted around which can look like kisses, and Holden so very sweetly said in that broken voice, “Thanks Ewan. You’re the best little brother!”