Hashtag Woodpile.

Oh man. This kitten. I originally named him Stanley, but Hank keeps calling him, “Woodpile.” It’s stuck.

He is so feisty. And funny, actually. He truly sees no difference in himself and the dogs, which you’ve seen if you follow my Instagram.

He can be super cuddly for about 15 minutes…

But then…

When I took him in for his first official vet visit, the vet actually referred to him as “piss and vinegar.”

I have absolutely no clue WHY. 

However, his most fun thing is how he loves for us to meet our neighbors. He sneaks out. As in outside. ALL THE TIME. And he LOVES garages. Ours. Yours. Whoever has an open one, he’s going in. There was a mountain lion alarm close to our ‘hood a couple weeks ago and our neighbor shut her garage with #WoodpileTheKitten inside. SAME.

But back to the neighbor thing. 

It freaks them all out. Our neighbors are alarmed that our cat is outside and keep bringing him back. 

So I got him a collar yesterday. It’s going great. 

He can’t figure out how to get it off, so he does flips.

There wasn’t enough room on the tiny tag for me to write much. I had to put things on it like his name, my phone number, our address…those things. I need a QR code on it that people can scan with their phones and get instructions, like, “If found, please leave me outside. I know my way home. It’s ok that I’m outside because I like to eat grasshoppers and throw up their spindly legs in the basement. The dogs like that. Also, would you please open your garage? It comforts me.”