It’s the best time of the year. Can’t you tell?

Christmas 2009 card photo attempt. Maybe we'll try another day...
Christmas 2009 card photo attempt. Maybe we’ll try another day…

I have to admit, it was a balmy -2F outside in the woods yesterday. The boys and I made it down the trail about, oh, 30 yards or so before they were nearly frozen solid. Hank went on with our friends to hunt, chop down, and fetch out this year’s Charlie Brown Christmas tree. The boys and I tromped back to the truck to hunker down inside and have some hot cocoa and sugar cookies with our friends, Tomi & Ben.

The highlight of the day was Holden eating so many sugary things (two small cups of cocoa and about five sugary cookies after we put our heads together and counted them up), that he nearly threw up.

Oh, fun times.

Here are some more fun photos. And, for those of you headed down memory lane, there are some pics of Christmases past at the end. Amen.