We had planned to go camping this weekend. The weather was supposed to be rainy, windy, and cold, so we kicked that idea right outta the water. Instead, we decided that we would take a hike today.

Rain in the mountains.

Postpone hike.

Recommit to hike and bundle up. No rain this afternoon, but a pretty chilly bite in the wind that Ewan did not like. Ugh. This was one of those well intentioned outings that just kept getting kicked in the pants.

It, er, dropped about 10 degrees between our house and the foothills. It’s not that far to the foothills, so this was surprising.

But then we starting walking up this trail (please excuse the power lines; seriously, just squint and you won’t see them there).

And then there was this view, which was kinda sorta nice (and in this picture, please squint again so that you don’t notice the dust on my lens – woops).

Holden found a pretty cool fence.

But then Ewan got very, very cranky at the wind and chilliness and demanded to go back to the car. We knew this because he was YELLING. This was about 25 minutes into our hike, and Holden had just started looking for frogs and chirping critters and floating things in the pond. Ewan wasn’t happy. Holden wasn’t happy. Hank wasn’t happy. I just, um, hid behind the camera.

And back up the trail we went with the sun at our backs and the wind on our cheeks (the front ones).

And then Holden turned with a smirk to show me his treasure: a fat, popped open pine cone. He couldn’t wait to try to cut it open with his Swiss Army knife.

It was a successful outing after all.

At least for Holden. (Dig the survival necklace, man!)