The second birthday festivities were quite exciting, here are a few recaps:Holden with a wagon full of presents
1. wrapping paper can be deceiving – we had two kinds of paper for Holden’s gifts, Elmo and Cars. Much to Holden’s dissappointment, the paper on the outside is no indication of the contents within.
2. T-Ball tees are FUN – whether you’re two or 32 – hitting a stationary ball with a plastic bat is entertainment!
3. Wagon’s Will Get You – new wagons are slick and over-zelous dads can pull too hard and knock you over backwards.
4. It’s hard to eat on your birthday – there’s just too much other fun stuff going on.
5. Baseball Cookies taste better than soccer ball cookies. 3 out of 5 toddlers agree.

I will post more photos soon – i am waiting on the little one to fall asleep for his nap right now – we’re having a bit of a battle…