Holden would like to inform all of you that today (16 February 2009) at, 7:59 PM he became a big brother. His little brother Thomas Ewan Pantier (Ewan) weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 20 3/4 long. Mary was induced starting about 1:00 PM and spent the first hour and a half listening to her iPod and getting ready.  About 2:30 she wanted to get up and walk around (with contractions still irregular and somewhere in the range of 6-12min between them) a few laps around the quite elaborate hallway system moved things along a bit.  The doctor broke her water at 4:30 PM.  She got an epidural at  6:30 (don’t wait that long) and Ewan was born at 7:59.  Everyone is doing great!  Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

The meaning of Ewan’s name is from Mary’s mom’s maiden name (Thomas) and Mary’s dad’s middle name, Eugene, of which Ewan is an old Gaelic form.  As tradition for the Pantier boys, he will go by his middle name.

Photos here.