My oh my. What a fun day this was. We felt like we partied all week long! Nick was in town for Holden’s birthday and we celebrated the day by going to see Pixar’s latest movie, Up, and then to dinner at Red Robin.

We began prepping for the actual party, Peter Pan themed, on Thursday with both Nick and Holden helping fill party treasure chests and cutting out Peter Pan shirts, hats, and belts for twelve 3-year-olds. Having so much help actually made quick work. I was so thankful!

Nick then left Friday morning for Montana, and all day Friday was spent making cupcakes. They were a hit, to say the least (although the sugar coma that enveloped the party was a little frightening). And thanks to Hank for blowing up 12 inflatable swords! (Oh man, there’s a joke in there somewhere…)