This week, I’ve become a total homebody. And I am reveling in it. It’s been so relaxing, so comforting, and so replenishing. Each day this week, I’ve craved home more and more. I’ve actually been excited to stay on top of the laundry monster; keep the dishwasher emptied and ready for more; and polish wood furniture until it shines.

What. Is. Wrong. With. Me?!?!

I’ve been reading too many house tweaking blogs or something. I must be feverish. I’m used to my feet plowing through piles of clean clothes waiting to be folded in our bedroom and getting stressed out by the rinsed-but-dirty dishes piling in the sink because I don’t want to empty the dishwasher.

But I tell you what…I’m riding this motivation to keep things tidy and shiny and our dresser drawers filled to the brim with Downy-fresh goodness as long as I can. It sure does make things go much more smoothly, especially in the evening chaos.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow will be a reprieve, but hopefully not a killer, from the Martha syndrome. For tomorrow, we take the family snow riding. That’s right. The Terror will be riding backpack style on teleskiing Hank, I’ll be praying while on teleskis for the first time ever (have been snowboarding for the last 12, and yes, I use the term loosely), and the Goldfish will be ripping it up on his new board.

Yes, his new board. Got a whole set up for him today. He’s so excited that he’s going to sleep with his new board tonight.

untitled shoot-010-2.jpg

untitled shoot-011.jpg

OH MY GOSH but HOW CUTE are those little snowboarding boots. He looks so little and so big all at once. Owie. My heart just broke a little bit…

He just shines with glee. And not that TV show kind, either. The real stuff, from the inside out.

untitled shoot-013.jpg

He’s locked in. And learning to release. They’re both equally important.

untitled shoot-014.jpg

He’s not happy or anything.

untitled shoot-018.jpg

Possible POS pics coming tomorrow. And no, that doesn’t mean the dirty word phrase, you POSes. Point-and-shoot camera time. My new delicate flower of a lens/camera combo is not allowed to go play in the snow. Especially since I will be the absolute moron (thank you, Diary of a Wimpy Kid for resurrecting that word for me) trying to live through yet another challenge in my life. I’m already on my second huge challenge of my fourth decade, you know. (The first was starting CrossFit, btw.)

Wish me luck tomorrow. Actually, just warn everyone else to stay away from the bunny slopes at Eldora for the morning. Oh, and alert Ski Patrol.

That is all.