Sunday afternoons are just made for long walks. And this place is hopping.

When we moved to our small town five years ago, we were surrounded by fields and had a two-way stop sign at the main intersection. Within the past two years, we have new neighborhoods, a new recreation center with competition level ball parks and fields, a new library, and a new stop light at that main intersection. And within the next couple of weeks, we’re adding two new stop lights on our main road.

All of this activity made our Sunday afternoon walk this past weekend an adventure. Felt a little like Frogger trying to cross the main street to get to the library, but we made it. And boy was Ewan happy. His favorite reading chair was waiting for him by his favorite kiosk of books.

Holden loves this library as much as Ewan, but had a little excess energy. He decided to release it by banging his Nerf football on Ewan’s head, just like any good big brother would do. Hard to tell if Ewan liked this or not. You know, if you’re blind. Excuse me, if you’re sight-challenged. Oh jeez, I apologize. I’m going to dig a ditch here trying to make a joke. Just look at the picture. It’s funny.

Holden got bored with it, however funny [I thought] it was, and went off in search of his own books,

As some crazy cat stalked in and stole Ewan’s seat as well as his limelight. Ewan wanted me to tell you that this, without question, was not funny.

To distract us all, I asked Holden to please smile at the camera, but not like a howler monkey like he usually does. This is all he could give me.

And then HE stole the reading chair.

So Ewan gave up and went to another section of the library to hide his books.

We collectively felt that this was a good point to leave. And on our way home, we were bombarded with the huge sound of frogs in this puddle. Every time we crept near the water, they would stop. We’d step back a few feet, and they would start again. Hank and I decided that frogs are the original Bose sound system, because you can’t quite pinpoint the exact location of the sound, it’s just all around you.

And as soon as we stepped back on to the trail, we were almost run over by a golf cart,

Which was surprising, since the golf course is three miles away. After speaking to the owner of golf cart, he was looking for a way to get to the new bar without ever getting on the road. Seems he found it. Sure hope that thing has headlights. And sure hope the dog is his designated driver on those nights.

A few hundred more feet brought us to my favorite bridge. Holden has to climb it every time he sees it. Must come with the boy parts.

And this brings me to some sad news. They’re going to move my bridge. The trail will be extended underneath this part of the road, and the bridge will go on the other side. I hope they don’t hurt it. And I hope it still has the fish-watching, rock-throwing, and climbing charm in its new location. I may have my own private little ceremony, just in case.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Please keep yours crossed, too.

And more fun in our small town tonight. Holden rocked the wind-up during t-ball practice. Man, he’s got style. This crazy stance could make even Lincecum quake in his cleats.

But Ewan did not quake. He practiced flying instead.

Lordy, I almost peed my pants watching this. Help me.

Until tomorrow, my peeps…