Ewan’s first two-syllable word was…


Actually, it started out as the monosyllabic “cook”, but he has added the “ie” part within the last couple of days. And last weekend, we made some chocolate chip “cooks” for our monthly photo shoot with Kim Jones. Two things I’d like to insert here:

  1. Since we moved to Colorado (eleven years ago), I have been trying to make beautiful, light, fluffy chocolate chip cookies. I mean really. How hard can this be? But no, they have never been beautiful or light or fluffy. They were always very flat, with cookie barely covering the chocolate chips that bulged up. It left us with no choice but to eat cookie dough raw all of the time, which come to find out was the best choice anyhow.
  2. Now that we’ve given up most sugar and processed crapola and grains, I can make the most beautiful, light, fluffy, tasty chocolate chip cookies ever. Ever. EVER. And also finally, the batch actually did make 50 gazillion cookies instead of 20. And I meant that as 20, not 20 gazillion.

The universe hates me and is a cruel beyotch with a sick sense of humor.

So I packaged up containers of cookies and sent Holden out into the neighborhood dispersing them, because really, who can resist a kid with cookies?

We did save a few, however, and in the spirit of all things cookie, we ate them for dessert twice that day. Well, “we” sans Hank. He did not give into temptation. So I had his as well, thank you very much.

Here’s how that went down. First, Ewan hid under his napkin until we gave up the goods.

But Holden, oh ugh. Holden was the procrastinator who really wanted his cookie, but without eating any dinner.

It took him about 72 hours to even consider eating what was left on that plate. And coaxing. And bribing. And finally… some mean momma-ing.

Man, I’ve got some serious Mom face going on there. But we usually end with a kiss…

And a hug,

And darn it, some tears, too.

But we both keep our end of the deal.

Good grief and Lord have mercy. What a freak.

Ewan’s eating of the cookie was much less dramatic. And Hank supervised.

First, the squish test. I don’t know why he always needs the squish test, but it usually gives him the green light to take a bite of whatever it is that he has squished.

And then he can really dig in.

He found the “boon” (moon) and talked to it for a while,

Then got back down to biz.

After the last crumb was picked up and licked up, peace was again restored to the Pantier family dinner. Those cookies were goooooood, let me tell you. And they left quite the residue of happiness around here.