This weekend, we took the boys camping.

And it rained.

But is was a great rain. Pretty soft, but a little more than a sprinkle, so there was some scrambling to put the rain fly over the tent before we had a wading pool.

We escaped pretty hot weather and traveled up to 10,500 feet for reprieve and mountains and trees and lushness. Brainard Lake, to be exact. And I know I say this a lot, but it’s one of my favorite spots in Colorado. It has water, willows, aspen, evergreens, moss, and lichen.

It’s also a pretty great spot to eat trail mix.

Trail mix to Ewan is just an obstacle course to find the M&M’s.

And Holden can never remember the name of it. He confuses us regularly by asking for “tropical mix.”

Whatever it’s name, it makes him yell that he’s KING OF THE WORLD!

And whatever is in it turns rainy days into sunshine.

And whatever it is about Brainard Lake makes me love this guy even more.

There are lots more pictures and lots more to tell you, but I’m breaking it up. I figured one enormously huge post might tell the story of our weekend too quickly.

Stay tuned. There might be a hot dog and s’mores in it for ya.