i do love biscuits.

Yesterday, I mentioned one of my favorite movies is Stealing Beauty. Another of my top five is Sweet Home Alabama. Oh LORD that’s an awesome movie. All about the south, which I love, and if you ever talk about the south, you’d better talk about biscuits.

Our town has an annual Biscuit Day.

0918 misc-039

0918 misc-042


Last year, they ran out of biscuits, so this year, we were there by five minutes in. That, of course, meant we had to wake up the boys early.

0918 misc-034

0918 misc-035

0918 misc-036

That one continued to wander sleepily around for a while.

0918 misc-038

Ok…the rest of us did, too. :)

0918 misc-040

0918 misc-041

I mean, really. Where else can you see a Miner’s wife AND an Irish dancer in front of an ice cream and bakery?

0918 misc-044

The rest of the morning pretty much went like this.

0918 misc-045

0918 misc-047

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0918 misc-062

And I learnt a bit of Pantier trivia that day. Evidently, whenever our 10yo is around this 10yo (whom he’s known since preschool), she wins something. So after three years of trying to win a cake on the Erie Biscuit Day Cake Walk, this was finally her day.

0918 misc-051

She could barely hold it, it was so heavy. It became a team effort between her and her mom.

0918 misc-052

0918 misc-053

0918 misc-054

We finished up our downtown soiree by visiting one of my favorite new shops, mostly a fave for its arcade games.

0918 misc-064

0918 misc-065

0918 misc-066

0918 misc-067

0918 misc-068

0918 misc-069

We think our basement might need one of those as a housewarming present.

May the Lord bless you with a good biscuit today.

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