The Goldfish has been doing a superb job lately with helping us take care of each other. I’m so glad this is all sinking in and he’s really getting it. How important we are as a family. How we’re a team, and every member of our team has the others’ backs. How to take care of each other, just because you should.

And just to show him how very proud of him I am, I thought a treat was very much in order. When the Terror and I packed up to go pick the Fish up from school, we decided to swing by the ice cream shop on our way home and splurge on the good stuff.

ice cream.jpg

This is a hugely special treat. We save it for the really good rewards.


Sometimes, that child looks like a squishy, toothless old woman with that funny face, I swear. What an absolute nut.

The flavor we decided to share? Dark Texas. This is the only time you’ll ever hear me say, “I love Texas.” Sorry folks, but gotta keep it real.

The boys dug in like, like, like…well, like this.



My gosh. They have the exact same looks on their faces.

Seems as though a little nubbin of toffee or caramel or pecan or something tried to escape the Terror. He would not take defeat so easily, however.


You got it. When in doubt, just face bomb it, people.

But of course, then this happened. Oh jeez.


I closed my eyes and pretended I wasn’t with them, so I’m not sure who won, but the small one escaped with his helmet, um, just in case there was a baseball game going on?!?!?!


Yeah. They love us at that ice cream shop. Thank all the stuff in the universe that we were the only people there. Especially because I lost them for a minute. Or two.


I was then given the “what for” regarding bathroom etiquette, since the small one had sequestered himself inside the ladies’ private quarters to guard himself against the powers of the older brother.


The older one thought it best to retreat to the table for the next few minutes. I almost caught him licking my ice cream cup. Grrr.


But then he wisely went to gaze at the pictures on the board of those who had ordered the gigantic sundae and lived to tell it. When you order that huge one, they take your picture and hang it on their board of fame or something. Must be some kind of Heaven, that sundae.


It was about this moment that the sugar high was over, and the coma set in.


And now, my fave picture of the outing. This one made the POD page, by the way.


That’s funny stuff, right there. What a goofball.

Hope you enjoy! And next time, they better have an ice cream named after Hawaii or some place sandy and tropical, because I genuinely love Hawaii. I’d say that all the time. I love Hawaii.

I love Hawaii.

Man, that has a yummy ring to it.