I am seriously thinking about a huge project.

Well, it wouldn’t be that huge. Just moving nearly everything in the house around.

I really want to make the basement into a master bedroom/en suite/master floor. Yes, the whole thing. How cool would that be? We could make Techy Hubby’s office into a walk in closet, bust out the wall between the unfinished (really, unstarted) bathroom and the guest bedroom and make it a large master bath, and use the entire rest of the basement as our master bedroom/underground love nest.

And, let’s see, that would let us move the Terror and the Goldfish into our current master bedroom, letting them share a large room, converting my office/the loft into a playroom (move the LoveSacs up there and the Wii), turn Holden’s room into a guest bedroom and use Ewan’s room as a shared office between Hank and me.

Again…how cool would that be?????

I think Hank thinks I was joking the other night when I mentioned it. But the only construction would be what we have on our plate to do anyway, which is building out that unstarted bathroom (currently being used as the server room).

Ok, is this really a cool idea or have I been watching too much True Blood?