I really, really, really love summer. REALLY.

I think that we’ve actually pined for this summer. And for many reasons, actually, from a shift in priorities to pretty much living outside to feeling that glorious sun on our skin.

We kicked off our summer immediately with our trip to Oklahoma; then a day after coming home we sealed the deal with that mega Harry Potter birthday party, our friend Sammy-the-Guy’s birthday party, and our town’s first summer Movie in the Park, all in one day.

In order to teach a thing or two to our youngest boys, we rounded up some water balloons and a giant slingshot launcher to take with us to Sammy-the-Guy’s birthday party. They are now pros.


Ok those are not our children. They ARE children, but not ours. Those guys are the official slingshot holders and water balloon launcher, because we thought it was a great idea to strategically place people out in the field to catch the water balloons.

Water balloons

This was, quite possibly, the best day of my life. I laid down low in the grass like a sniper with my 70-300mm lens and laughed until I almost peed my pants.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 114

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 111

Ohmyword so funny. He looks kind of like a frisbee dog. So contorty.

Ok so that wasn’t a word. Maybe, “contortionisticky”?

You know what I mean!!!

Sammy-the-Guy thought it would be a fantastic idea to take our new 6YO out with him to swing at a few water balloons. And as the fine parents that Hank and I are, we thought this to be purely awesome. Look at our boy…so ready.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 80

Should I be in any way alarmed that they both have the exact same expression on their faces?

Get ready


Open your mouth

They missed. But not for a lack of trying.

I thought they would catch that water bomb with their mouths.

The Rev decided it was high time to learn the technique of launching.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 64

He was a quick study and had his peeps man their stations.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 67


20110604 Sam s Bday Party 66

These two were amazed and astounded at our parenting style. I think they took notes.


We quickly exhausted the water bomb supply, so it was back to regular ol’ baseball.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 3

And a fight or two. We’ve been calling the little man, “Me Too,” since he thinks he can do anything big brother does. (And btw, the guy cracking up there is thinking fondly of growing up with his own brothers…)

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 6

It did turn ugly. Hank had to use the Dad Card.

Dad card

Ah, life with boys. I just can’t help but love them to pieces, even with they’re naughty.

And as for Sammy-the-Guy, we all wish you a really, really Happy Birthday. Much love!

Collage 2

Collage 1


20110604 Sam s Bday Party 12120110604 Sam s Bday Party 124

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 118

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 94

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 42

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 40

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 58

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 123

And one more thing…the Movie in the Park was two-fingers-up-the-nose good.

20110604 Sam s Bday Party 129