At least I think I did.

Every year, we go trekking through a snow-filled forest, looking high and low, losing sight of each other, and maybe pelting some children with snowballs. We go in search of the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. And of course to give Smoky the Bear a big high five and down some hot chocolate before heating up our frozen toes and heading home with a 15-foot tree that only has about five healthy branches.

This year is the first year we haven’t since…well, I think since we moved here. Eleven years? Sheesh. That might be wrong. Well, crap now I’m losing my mind.

But this year, we just couldn’t swing it. Our first free weekend would be the one before Christmas. And that, my friends, would be absolutely unacceptable. So on Friday night, we bundled up (not really), filled a thermos full of hot chocolate (not true, we stopped at DaveCo Liquor Store on the way home instead), took our saw (nope, they had a chainsaw there), and went in search of the perfect tree.

At Home Depot.


Holidays Nov 2010 3992.jpg



It’s perfect and bushy and just the right height and full and symmetrical and, And, AND…



home depot guy.jpg


Maybe next year we’ll do this again, but still get the Charlie Brown one and it can live on the porch.


picking the tree.jpg


So what about Todd-Helton-not-the-cat-but-my-imaginary-boyfriend?

He was there. At Home Depot. AT THE SAME TIME AS US.

Hank was trying desperately but in a subtle-not-weirdo-stalker-way to grab my attention, but I was too busy putting garland in the back of the 4runner. AND TODD HELTON PARKED RIGHT BEHIND ME.



Holidays Nov 2010 3987.jpg


I have no Todd-Helton-radar. This was my second brush with him, literally, and I didn’t even know it. Ugh. I’m an idiot. I was standing between the front of his Jeep and the back of our car. In fact, he could have squished me there and I’d have never even noticed. Jeez Louise.


todd helton.jpg


That is all for now. I’m a little too giddy to tell you any more. Plus, I haveta go do my “I saw Todd Helton” weirdo dance.

Perhaps I should invite him and his family to come over to see their beautiful tree…