There was a sale.

We bought baseball cleats for Holden to have for next season because we found them for about, oh, 75% of what they normally cost.

And it’s killing him.

Please stop the hurry to grow up…

Because that’s killing me.

He tries them on nearly every day, to see if today’s the day they fit. There are only two t-ball games left this season and time is running out.

He even kept the “clearance” tag. It’s weird, really, how much he loves these cleats. Mostly because he has cleats for this season, but new is better, I guess.

And every day, I get this look. (i actually remember giving my mom that exact look. And maybe I shoot it at Hank, too. Honey? Yes?)

It’s still not working, that look, but jeez he’s like some kind of military torture with it, just trying to wear me down.