Understanding that there have been a few posts over the past few weeks strictly CrossFit based, I just wanted to share a bit more.

I’ve never seen people put their everything into what they’re doing like this.

As I show you their pics, I admit this: I am inspired by them every day. Their effort. Their encouragement. Their strength. And not just physical strength, but mental strength and that which holds their character.

Let me introduce you.

First, Ali. She’s the reason I started doing CrossFit. I’ve watched her shrink to this lanky, beautiful, graceful chica over the past few months. And I’ve also watched her whip around heavy weight like it’s nothing. Fierce and lovely.

ali double.jpg

Lee, with Hank (whom we all know quite well, here, yes?) and Ali. Monkeys on bars. Lee is a powerhouse. She never quits, she always surprises herself with what she can do, and she’s SO strong and quick. With all of the love in the world, I sometimes call her bad names, but only when she beats me mercilessly at, well, everything. I heart her.

K2E triad.jpg

girl pushups.jpg

Justin. One of the owners. Elite. He’ll do something in 2 minutes that takes me 20. No kidding. Must be those veiny things in his arms and manly floweredy shorts? Whatever the case, it does my psyche muy bueno to see him have to take a break now and again.

justin push ups.jpg

Shondra. Serious monkey. I hope hope hope that I can do that someday. I bow to your feet. Or lift my face to them, since they’re over all of our heads, girl. Dang. She’s awesome. And I love her. So does Justin, but in a very different way.



Johnny. He gives us our rally/battle cry in every workout. His quick is quicker than your quick. And his box jump goal is 50″. FIFTY FREAKIN’ INCHES. I just accomplished 28″. Pffft. Oh, and Johnny and Lee go together like peas and carrots.

johnny triple.jpg

There seems to be a lot of pausing and praying in CrossFit. Believe me, it’s strategic. And it’s necessary. Because after you do this for a few seconds,


You get up and do this 50 times.

johnny pushpress.jpg

For real. I watched them. And that was after they all did 50 knees-to-elbows, 50 squats, 50 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, and rowing about 800 meters. They are mighty. Every day they are mighty.

And this is Mara. This triad of photos shows the only time I’ve ever seen her stop or pause. So impressed by her. She’s quiet as a mouse and oh so light of feet, and her strength is so very impressive. All around awesomeness.

mara triple.jpg

And finally, the cheering crew. Or the coloring crew, rather. This big tire, when not being flipped around outside in some sort of country-freak-workout, captures children and holds them for quite some time.

CrossFit playpen..jpg


This is my thank you to you guys and girls identified here and all of the others at the gym (Jason, Andy, Tomi, Missy, Jodi, Drew, and the rest of you). When I think or say “I can’t,” you never agree. You are all so very awesome.

I wonder how many more times I can work the word “awesome” in.

Right this awesome minute, I am awesomely signing off in an awesome way. Awesome.