Today, we watched Ewan play dead. It’s his new trick.

Well, that and playing in his cousin Lily’s purple sand.

But as important as new tricks shown are, today was his day.

Today was his day to show us…himself.

And who he’s becoming.

And a chance to take us where he is, simply, him.

We went fishing.

But first, he had to dig up some worms.

And then I got to watch this.

And on the first cast, Holden caught a fish.

Which he promptly directed Nick to throw back into the water.

There was a dock that Holden found with a fishing hole in the center.

And then he discovered…

That he could do this.

And these were cast aside for a time, as they should be on a hot, sultry, summer day in Oklahoma.

As Holden and I kicked our feet and just simply took it all in, I spied on this one some more, just drinking him in. What a sight he is when he’s out here. He belongs here. It was like seeing his heart beat, all raw and open, watching him watching the water for any change, any shift. He reads it so patiently.

And there is beauty everywhere.

That patience of his is a great teacher.

And a great leader. He decided to show us his creek, which had a very slippery slope, so the big brother carried the little brother and his fishing pole a little longer.

They searched for bugs to use as bait,

And talked some more about what they’d found.

I think they found each other, and in there, some solace, too.

It was a little warm. And humid. And perfect.

As their time went slowly, the time on my watch did not. And I whispered quietly and sadly that it was time to go so I wouldn’t disturb what was happening, wouldn’t disturb the magic.

The walk back was full of raccoon and deer and coyote tracks and views like this,

And as Holden was on his way back to Nick’s truck,

He just couldn’t help trying his luck again.

It was so hard, so very very hard to persuade him on, but he finally made it to the gate.

Oh boy, do I thank you, Nick. Thank you for sharing a huge piece of who you are. And thank you for letting me stalk you while you did it.