In its net of wonder forever.

We did it. We had a family mini-vaca.

The Goldfish was a bit sleepy for the start of our trip. Yet he still rocks the new rocker ‘do like nobody’s biz. Studman.

20110330 orday4 2

He was pretty much filled with curiosity by the time we piled out of the airport and into our rental car. Destination? Cannon Beach, OR.


The littlest one was absolutely not full of curiosity. He had a case of the sleepies.

20110330 ORday1 3 2

I was just stupid excited.

20110330 ORday1 4

We went in search of big trees and our spot to stay, nestled up not too far from the water in a quaint little inn that had a fresh plate of chocolate cookies every time you went into the main art gallery/lobby house.

It was raining. It was chilly. And this little coffee shop tempted and treated us to a warm cup of hot chocolate for the wees and coffee for Hank and me. And yes, much to my delight-but-Hank’s-horror, I totally rocked the bright red Wellies during every outing at Cannon Beach, aside from dinners. I figured that in all of that rain and gray, the folks needed a little pick-me-up in the form of those rain boats. Lurv.


20110330 ORday1 24

The Rev challenged his father to a game of chessy-checkers-dice. With some straws thrown in for good measure.

20110330 ORday1 46

20110330 ORday1 47

Our little Goldfish learned all too quickly to give me a run for my coffee money at checkers.

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He is made for this game. And while he has a brain for competition and winning and strategy like his Daddy, he also has a bit of a heart for the ancient stories and medieval tales like his Momma. We’re on an ol’ King Arthur kick right now, but I threw in some seaworthy tales of Poseidon on this trip.

20110330 ORday1 51

The sirens’ song called us outside to take advantage of the misty, soaking rain. Boy did those rain boots pay off in spades.

20110330 ORday1 69

20110330 ORday1 74

I’m pretty sure that we went through all of our dry clothes during our first afternoon. Worth it.

Jacques Cousteau once said,

The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.

I’m a believer.

20110330 ORday1 77

My throat swells up and nearly closes in that awkward pre-cry stage whenever I’m close to the ocean. I feel my heart trip over with every wave, and am so incredibly alive and quiet and calm there.

20110330 ORday1 106

The ocean is pure and raw and all emotion.

20110330 ORday1 96

And it had been a very long time since I’d seen it.

It was perfect.

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More to come tomorrow. A lot more.

Until then…